PNH704270A/CA, the TVS module for high-performance protection in circuits with long-lasting transient switching operations and particularly suitable for aircraft applications with high-performance motors

ProTek Devices PNH704207A/CA Series of TVS Modules design for circuit protection in power bus, electric drive motors and controls, Mobile electronics in harsh environments.
The PNH704270A and PNH704270CA series is a high-power transient voltage suppressors (TVS) module designed to provide protection against long duration switching transient threats. This heavy-duty device is specifically suited for

270-VDC-aircraft applications that include heavy duty motors, generators, or where DC power is being switched on and off at frequent intervals.

The module is supplied in a standard housing or in a custom-made version and has a peak pulse power of 40,000 watts per line (tp = 1 ms). It can be loaded with 50 A single square-wave pulse current for 50 ms and has excellent thermal conductivity. Each module is 100 % tested.

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Outstanding applications are:

• On Board and External 270 V DC Power Systems
• Power Bus Protection
• Electric Drive Motors & Controls
• Mobile Electronics Operating in Harsh Environments

These PNH704270A/CA modules are compliant with the RTCA DO-160G and MIL-STD-704F SEC standard.

Data sheet PNH704270A & CA

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